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    For $4.95 you may purchase an individual image for personal use in either print or electronic format. You may use it on a personal, non-commercial website, book report, as wallpaper on your own PC, or in a similar non-commercial manner. Feel free to give me credit whenever possible and include a link to my site. No editorial, commercial or advertising permission is granted! No file downloaded from this site may be used in any commercial or advertising manner without permission! Unauthorized use will result in substantial liability, possible damages, and/or excess fees.

    Billing & Delivery

    After your credit card transaction has been approved, a zip file will be downloaded to your hard drive. Please supply all the information requested when you are switched over to our secure server. The address you provide must match the correct billing address on your credit card. Otherwise your transaction will be rejected. This is to protect you from unauthorized use of your credit card.

    File Encryption

    These files are digitally encrypted. Our robots are constantly monitoring the web for illicit use of these images. Please pay for the correct rights to avoid embarrasment and costly liability, penalties and fees.

    File Size & Format

    In most cases the image size you receive is approximately twice the size of the watermarked image sample. The file will be downloaded as a .zip file. If you do not have PKZIP, it is shareware for the PC that is available from PKWARE. There is a Mac version available as shareware that will unzip the files at ZipIt.

    The horizontal image sizes are approximately 800x500 pixels. The vertical image sizes are approximately 500x700 pixels. They are saved at 72 dpi resolution in Photoshop high quality JPEG format with baseline optimized. The file sizes range from 37k to 278k depending on color and cropping. The smaller file sizes are mainly night shots with a lot of black in them. The larger size files have more colors, such as trees in the fall, etc.

    When you work with these images, be careful that you convert them correctly. Repeatedly working on a JPEG file and saving it in JPEG format can result in deterioration of image quality. Whenever you work on a file, make sure you keep your original and save your work in a new file. For best results, convert image immediately to Photoshop PSD mode, do your work, then save in the most appropriate format for your application. RG Images is not responsible for image deterioration because of improper graphics work. To find out how much you don't know, just consult Lynda Weinman.


    If you have any problems with your file failing to download, send an e-mail to me at PROBLEMS@rgimages.com. Be sure to include the file name and number you were attempting to purchase, as well as the time, date and circumstances under which the download failed.



    Ok! Ok! If you are completely dissatisfied, send me an e-mail explaining why, along with your name, address, phone #, e-mail address, invoice #, customer id #, date of your transaction, credit card type and number, and the expiration date on your card.

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